7738110 | Straton O CT Tube | Sensation 64 | June-2020 | 297k Scan Seconds

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Siemens Straton O CT Tube

Product #7738110
DOM: 06-2020
Scan Seconds: 297,000


Oil: NEW 
Condition: Fully Tested W/ Certification
Warranty: 90 Days Pro-Rated

Product Description

Straton O CT Tube used on a Siemens Sensation 40 CT System. This tube was certified and calibrated on our staged in-house test bay system. We have run through full tube calibrations and quality assurance testing. 

At Shop Med Parts, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality refurbished CT Tubes. Our rigorous certification process, which includes testing on an actual CT Scanner, ensures that each tube meets the highest standards. To further guarantee the reliability and performance of our products, we provide every customer with a comprehensive Tube Processing Summary Report (T.P.S. Report). This report showcases the actual screenshots of the tube as it undergoes and passes all of our demanding testing procedures, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in your purchase.


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