Siemens AXIOM Luminos Agile

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Certified Tested | Operational 

  • AXIOM Luminos Agile
  • mFD 14"x17" (30x40cm)
  • 3D V 
  • DCS-3
  • Ysio wall stand (right loading)
  • Docking station
  • Polydoros F80 generator - 

    3/N/PE ~440/480 V (±10%) at 50/60 Hz

Fully digital under-table system for fluoroscopy with integrated, table-side system control on the image receptor, with user interface for ambidextrous operation. High-resolution dynamic flat detector 43 cm x 43 cm for fully digital image chain with network connectivity in DICOM standard: Send, Print and Storage Commitment. DICOM DVD / CD burner. Height-adjustable patient table, tilt-able from vertical to 20° Trendelenburg position. Under-table X-ray tube assembly OPTITOP 150/40/80HC-100 with under-table multi-leaf collimator and 65kW HF X-ray generator. CAREvision for pulsed fluoroscopy. One (1) b/w 19" high-contrast flatscreen display for live image. CAREmax measuring chamber for acquisition of the dose-area product.

YSIO Ceiling Carriage 3 m

Universal digital radiographic workplace for skeletal radiography of the recumbent, standing or seated patient. High-resolution, permanently installed or wireless detectors as a basis for a fully digital imaging chain with a digital imaging system, an image and control station with application and evaluation programs, and DICOM network connection. Tube assembly support fully motorized in all projection-relevant axes with up to 220 cm transverse travel. OPTITOP 150/40/80 X-ray tube assembly and multileaf collimator with full field and laser line light localizer.

Bucky Wall Unit for wi-D Right

Floor-mounted Bucky wall stand with height-adjustable and tiltable detector tray for a wi-D flat detector for digital acquisitions. With IONTOMAT three-field chamber and Bucky frame. Detector tray operated from the left / right side. Vertical height adjustment and detector tilt possible from both sides.

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