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The Definium 5000 digital radiographic imaging system is designed as a world-class digital imaging system for use in hospital emergency departments, in trauma and orthopedic studies, and in all general radiology applications. It provides state-of-the-art image quality, image manipulation, operator control, dose reporting and system maintenance. These features make the system reliable and easy to use while providing high-quality radiographic images in a digital environment.


• Amorphous silicon non-tiled digital detector with cesium iodide scintillator

• Patient-side collimator and technique controls with digital display (e.g. mA, kVp, mAs)

• Patient-side automated positioning selection

• Patient-side selection of pre-programmed U-arm positions

• High DQE for excellent image quality and dose efficiency

• Automated vertical and longitudinal tube/detector alignment of the U-arm

• Fast preview image (QC)

• Multi-resolution image processing capability

• DICOM 3.0 and IHE-compliant communication

• Post-acquisition reprocessing for multiple views from single exposure

• Quality assurance program with automatic results calculated and displayed

• System access and authorization control to support HIPAA compliance

• Patient edit for category, exam and/or view 

U-Arm Positioner

A universal, fully motorized system for general radiology examinations is designed for maximum flexibility, clinical productivity and ease of use. It greatly facilitates patient positioning and lateral procedures. An intelligent anti-collision system automatically moves the unit back when it contacts any object and actuating in any position of the arm, flat-panel detector or X-ray tube and collimator assembly. Additional safety features include two laser beams that stop the U-arm movement if the patient or other objects break the beam.

• Variable focal-to-image distance movement fully motorized with automatic detents at SID distances of 100 cm (40 in.) and 180 cm (72 in.)

• Fully motorized rotation from +120° to -30° with digital indication of the angles

• Motorized flat panel digital detector angulations +/-45° (detector tilt can be included in the user defined and stored U-arm programs)

• Motorized vertical movement with automatic detent at the exact tabletop height, allowing fast and easy patient positioning

• 10 default user-programmable positions which can be user modified up to 99 programmed positions

Advantages of Digital Radiography

Digital technology enables faster exam times, higher patient throughput, and increased productivity. It provides greater visualization of soft tissue and bone from the same study exposure (wide dynamic range), enabling significant reduction in repeat patient exposures.

Digital Detector:

• Amorphous silicon, cesium iodide-based detector.

• High DQE of 65% at zero line pairs at RAQ5.

• Detector size: 41 cm x 41 cm (16 x 16 in.) using an active area

of 40.44 x 40.44 cm.

• Detector matrix: 2048 x 2048 using an active matrix of


Network Specifications:

• IHE Compliance for Scheduled Workflow Integration Profile.

• DICOM 3.0 Services - DX or CR, SCU, SCP (DX only).

• DICOM Query/Retrieve, SCU (images from PACS).

• DICOM Modality Worklist,for HIS/RIS SCU (with programmable

auto refresh).

• DICOM Grayscale Print - manual and auto

(with print layout options at the console).

• DICOM CD-R Media Media Exchange (DX only).

• DICOM feedback to HIS/RIS SPS PPS - MPPS.

• HIPAA Compliance -system Access and Authorization Control.

Power Unit/Generator

X-ray high-frequency generator: 65 kW, 150 kVp, 1 tube, 650 mA, three-phase, 400 or 480 VAC


65 kW power; 40 to 150 kVp; 10 to 650 mA


- Patient Pasting Stand - stitching spine images. 

- Weight bearing patient stand - great for weight bearing orthopedic studies.

- Mobile patient table

OEM data sheet available upon request - 90 Day Warranty  Professionally de-installed


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