Siemens Luminos TF

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One digital system for fluoroscopy and radiography from pediatrics to bariatrics
  • Easily conduct table side-controlled examinations on large patients weighing up to 600 lbs 272 kg
  • Fully dynamic table movements at 500 lbs  226 kg
  • Full dynamic tilt functionality and 8-way tabletop movement
  • A spacious 21 3/4" distance between table and digital imaging tower for comfortable repositioning of larger patients
  • Siemens tube technology allows for successive exposures of larger patients without delays caused by X-ray tube overheating
  • Tableside user interface showcases a bilateral set of key operating functions such as generator, imaging and fluoroscopy parameters directly by your side.
  • OPTI Touch display provides continuous updates of all examination parameters and features a touch screen, allowing you to conveniently select organ programs and control radiographic parameters. 
  • Systems features a 3D Top ceiling-mounted tube and tilting bucky wall stand expanding the utilization of your fluoroscopy room
  • Fully digital workflow - Data transfer and archiving within HIS, RIS and PACS networks is simple and easy
  • Digitally acquired radiographic and fluoroscopic images can all be placed in a single patient folder
  • FLUOROSPOT Compact, higher-resolution digital imaging system, enables single and serial acquisitions in a 1k x 1k matrix for dynamic review
  • DDO (Dynamic Density Optimization) SDM (Selective Dominant Measurement)

System specifications:

  • 3D TOP Ceiling Stand 
  • Polydoros SX80 Generator 3/N/Gnd, 480VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Multix Bucky wall stand
  • Monitor Floor Cart - Dual Monitor w/gen control
  • Fluorospot Compact - 16" Image Intensifier 41 cm
  • Manufacture Year (YOM) 2007
Professionally De-installed - utilizing Siemens transportation frames.
Inspection report and planning guide included. 
Inquire for project management and installation services. 
30 Day Warranty
Freight item please inquire for shipping

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