Siemens Siremobil ISO C 3D (2829880)

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  • Fully Operational - 30 Day Warranty - Certified Tested

SIREMOBIL Iso-C continues the tradition of the SIREMOBIL product series, known throughout the world for image quality, dose savings and reliability.


• True Isocentric Design provides unparalleled operational efficiency for procedures requiring many different projections.


• 190° of Orbital Rotation allows unrestricted movement to any desired projection. 190° represents 50% greater orbital movement than that of other C-arms in the industry.


Siremobil Iso-C is a fully counterbalanced mobile C-arm featuring a central beam which is truly isocentric.


VASCULAR IMAGING - The subtraction mode on Siremobil Iso-C provides comprehensive and powerful capabilities for a full range of vascular procedures.


Features include:

  • Digital imaging with autosave for secure documentation and dynamic post processing of time-critical procedures
  •  Digital storage of raw data for selection of image mask and max/min peak opacification
  • Pixelshift-function for precise alignment of subtracted and mask images
  • Native and subtracted images available simultaneously for reference comparison
  • Landmark capability for variable visualization of surrounding anatomy
  • Real-time edge-enhancement of subtracted images for optimized visualization and improved contrast
  • Capabilities such as roadmapping for fast, easy positioning during catherization and dilitation
  • Positive-/negative-image display and documentation


Overall System Features & Specifications:

  • Isocentric central beam
  • Orbital rotation of 190°
  • 9" Image Intensifier (3135071)
  • Hidden cables
  • Electromagnetic brakes
  • Lasers - The Laser Aimer, attached on the image intensifier, and the Laser Targeting Device, integrated tube-side, provide accurate positioning without radiation
  • 180° rotable operator’s panel
  • Digital image rotation
  • Electronic horizontal/vertical shutters
  • Care Dose features
  • I.I.-side/tube-side laser light localizers
  • Dual high-brightness/high-contrast monitors
  • DICOM Direct Connect
  • 110VAC-220VAC 50-60Hz  


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