2005 SIEMENS Acuson Sequoia 512

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Consider the ultra-premium ACUSON Sequoia512 ultrasound system. It is based on the four cornerstones of unparalleled system performance: Coherent Imaging Technologies; Innovative Transducer Technologies; DIMAQintegrated ultrasound workstation; and Advanced Imaging Technologies.

Sequoiamatched response technology measures and adapts in real time to a patient’s individual acoustic properties. This patient specific imaging philosophy matches transmit and receive functions through a unique "window into the body" for heightened clinical specificity, optimized diagnostic outcome and improved workflow efficiency. From the most difficult-to-image patient to the most complex clinical applications, the Sequoia system builds on a legacy of vision to offer ultra-premium performance features that meet the highly specialized needs of ultrasound today — while offering even greater clinical opportunity for tomorrow.

Coherent image formation employs both phase and amplitude information to form an image. Every image contains far more echo information than can be derived from a traditional beamformer.

Coherent pulse formation precisely controls both the phase and amplitude of the transmitted waveform, providing high frame rates, increased temporal and spatial resolution, and greater dynamic range and sensitivity. 

These unique Coherent Imaging Technologies have completely revolutionized the way ultrasound is transmitted, received and processed, delivering:

Precision pulse shaping, for complex transmit waveforms that enable Nativetissue harmonic Imaging (NTHI) to eliminate or reduce body wall artifacts and acoustic noise.

Chirp coded excitation, for high-frequency imaging of superficial structures in such applications as small parts and musculoskeletal with resolution on the order of 200 microns.

Dynamic Transmit Focus, a single-pulse, multi-focus technique that improves image uniformity throughout the field-of-view while maintaining optimal frame rates.


  • Software Version 12.221
  • Probes: 15L8w (has dropout), EV-8C4, 6L3, 10V4 (need license)
  • Options: GI Auto Doppler, Driving Experience 7 & 8, Dual Linear, Extended Trigger, Modality Worklist, Native Tissue Harmonic, OB Calc, Tissue Equalization, Vascular Calc
  • Mitsubishi P93 Printer

Certified Tested - Operational - As Is Condition

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