Canon CXDI-710C Wireless Digital Radiography Flat Panel Detector

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New Canon CXDI-710C Wireless Digital Radiography System 

  • Cesium Iodide
  • 5.07 lbs w/battery (2.3 kg) utilizing strong carbon fiber, Canon detectors are among the lightest weight detectors currently available.
  • AED Automatic Exposure Detection
  • Effective imaging area 14"x17"  (351x427 mm)
  • 125 micron 
  • Grayscale A/D:16 bit
  • Preview image in approx 1 second
  • IPX7 water resistance rating
  • Improved noise reduction capability
  • Limited on-board image storage capability

Sleek Detector Design

  • Comfortable to hold and easy to grip due to the lightweight and ergonomic handgrips sculpted into the detector
  • High quality composite materials, low weight and designed with form and function in mind
  • Easy to position and comfortable for patients and technologists due to smooth rounded corners

Warranty: 1 Year (Manufacturer Defects Only) / Does not include drop coverage 



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