Quantum Digital Chiropractic System Canon CXDI-40EG Win10

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Excellent condition Digital Chiropractic system Turn Key upgraded computer NE software & Windows 10. Stored energy generator with new batteries. 

System has not exposed a single patient only tested by a physicist yearly. Was installed in a disaster response trailer that was never used.

Canon CXDI-40EG

Thanks to a large imaging area of 17 x 17 in. (43 x 43 cm), the CXDI-40EG lets you capture desired anatomical views for both large and small format X-rays in portrait or landscape orientation—without having to rotate the detector unit. From examinations of the skull, spine, chest, abdomen, to the extremities, the generous size of the detector accommodates a wide variety of exams.


The CXDI-40EG is built upon Canon's exclusive LANMIT 6 detector technology to deliver clear, high-resolution diagnostic images. The Amorphous Silicon (a-Si) Flat Panel Detector, the core component of the CXDI-40EG, contains approximately 7.2 million pixels—each pixel only 160 microns. The detector also features an expansive 10dynamic range, enabling capture of images that would otherwise appear over or underexposed on conventional film. Images are displayed in 12-bit grayscale (4096 gradations) to ensure the visibility of subtle contrast.

  • Windows 10 NE Software upgrade 
  • DICOM & Modality Worklist
  • 17"x17" imaging area
  • 17" Touchscreen monitor
  • UPS - battery backup 
  • DOM 2007


Quantum Odyssey HF QG-4000 SE 

The ODYSSEY HF Series  integrates revolutionary design with superb functionality, resulting in the most advanced radiographic generator ever developed.

Designed for both digital and conventional imaging and operating at a near-constant potential of up to 120 kHz, the ODYSSEY HF provides ULTRA High Frequency imaging for highly efficient X-ray production. Radiographic imaging is optimized through the ODYSSEY HF’s simple programmability, which permits a wide variety of routine, specialized and custom procedures.


Through the integration of the ODYSSEY HF’s sophisticated proprietary technology, hospitals and high-volume radiology facilities can meet the traditional objectives of imaging. The ODYSSEY HF maximizes operating efficiency and enhances patient throughput.


Utilization of advanced transformer design technology has enabled the emergence of ULTRA-High Frequency power. Precise voltage control and extremely efficient high voltage switching come together to provide superb accuracy, repeatability, and system reliability. With a near-constant potential output of up to 120 kHz of power, the ODYSSEY HF delivers highly refined images and provides the shortest exposure times, while minimizing patient dose.


Quantum’s advanced STORED ENERGY (SE) technology permits powerful operation using only a standard “low amperage” wall outlet or alternate power source. The SE’s power cells are virtually maintenance-free and provide years of usage. These units are ideal in facilities where incoming power is unavailable and for mobile imaging applications.

  • AEC (automatic exposure control)
  • 50kW Power Rating
  • 40-125kVp
  • 25-500mA
  • 0.025-500mAs
  • 100 APR Programs 5000 Techniques
  • 50/60Hz
  • 105-130 VAC 10Amp standard power required 
  • DOM 2007

Quantum QS-550  

  • Auto-Tracking System, with Motorized Vertical Motion (QS-MAT) Tubestand tracks with the up/down movement of the bucky wallstand automatically 
  • Toshiba 7252X 
  • Linear MC-150 Collimator
  • 24DC Electromagnetic Failsafe Locks
  • 40"-72" SID
  • Motorized up/down movement 

Quantum QW-420-D VERTI-Q

  • 24DC Electromagnetic Failsafe Locks
  • Patient Handles 

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