40cm Direct replacement Image Intensifier (3135600)Siemens

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Siemens 40cm Replacement 

 Quadruple Input Field:


(16 /12 /9 / 6) Inch

 Output Image Diameter: 32mm


 Product Information


 High Resolution

 High Conversion Factor

 High Contrast Ratio

 This X-ray Image Intensifier is intended to be connected with IEC Class I equipment.

 This Image Intensifier replacement has been perfected by the integration of several aspects

 of advanced technology

 The input window is of a thin metal plate, which has good X-ray transparency

 characteristics and reduces X-ray scatter.

 It uses a thick input phosphor screen made with an extremely fine pillar shaped

 structure. This has high X-ray absorption and very high convers ion efficiency.

 In addition, there is a thin output phosphor screen on a single thick-glass output

 window with an anti-reflective coating, offering very high contrast for small details,

 very low structure noise and high MTF characteristics. 

 This replacement, employing these manufacturing techniques provides outstanding

 performance in resolution, brightness, contrast and noise.

 The Image Intensifier is supplied in the Siemens 40cm housing, which provides mu-metal  magnetic shielding. The housing is lined with radiation shielding designed to comply with FDA Radiation Performance Standards, 21 CFR subchapters J



Siemens 40cm Replacement Data


Specification         Under delivery and stock       Under operating

Temperature               -15 to 45 °C                          5 to 40 °C

Humidity                     10 to 90 %                             30 to 85 %

Pressure                   50 to 106 kPa                       70 to 106 kPa




Anode Voltage                        32 kV

G4 Electrode Voltage             27 kV

Potential Difference between Anode and G4 Electrode 30 kV

Potential Difference between G4 Electrode and G3 Electrode 27 kV

G3 Electrode Voltage             2500 V

G2 Electrode Voltage             500 V

G1 Electrode Voltage             250 V

Photocathode Current             

Continuous                            0.3 μ A

Pulsed                                   2 μ A

Input X-ray Dose                   8.73×10 -3

Gy/min [1R/min]

Typical Conversion Factor* 450 (Gain Rate - Gx) cd/m2   mR/s




DC Power Supply       

Input Voltage        100 to 240 Vac

Output Voltage       24 Vdc

Output Current       400 mA max.

High Voltage Power Supply   

Input Voltage        24±1 Vdc

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