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Professionally Staged Equipment

All equipment that is sold has been thoroughly inspected, tested, and professionally de-installed. Shop Med Parts has system staging capabilities for in-house final inspection before shipment to ensure a flawless installation process.

X-Ray Field Service in Los Angeles

Shop Med Parts is excited to announce our new field service department now providing local service for CT, MRI, Cath Lab, and General X-Ray. We can also assist in Installations, Re-Locations, and Removals of Multi-Modality Systems.

Limited Time Equipment

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Save 23%
Sony UP-D895MD video graphic's printerSony UP-D895MD video graphic's printer
Save 63%
GE Definium 5000 Digital URS GE Definium 5000 Digital URS X-ray
Save 51%
2014 Americomp AM22014 Americomp AM2
2014 Americomp AM2
$11,000 $22,500
Save 65%
GE Precision 500DGE Precision 500D
GE Precision 500D
$22,500 $65,000
Save 66%
Siemens AXIOM Luminos TF mFD Canon CXDI-50G (Siemens AXIOM Luminos TF mFD Canon CXDI-50G (
Save 30%
Fuji Clearview 1M CR SystemFuji Clearview 1M CR System
Save 31%
Konica 210 CR ReaderKonica 210 CR Reader
Konica 210 CR Reader
$6,200 $9,000
Save 43%
Konica SRX-101A Film ProcessorKonica SRX-101A Film Processor
Save 79%
Philips Bucky Diagnost THPhilips Bucky Diagnost TH PCR Eleva S
Philips Bucky Diagnost TH
$18,000 $85,000
Save 67%
Philips iE33 Ultrasound System (8500-0082)Philips iE33 Ultrasound System (8500-0082)
Save 71%
Siemens Siremobil ISO C 3D (2829880)Siemens Siremobil ISO C 3D (2829880)
Save 55%
Siemens Somatom Sensation CTSiemens Somatom Sensation 10
Save 60%
Medical Face Shields (Packs of 50)Medical Face Shields (Packs of 50)
Save 67%
2005 SIEMENS Acuson Sequoia 5122005 SIEMENS Acuson Sequoia 512
Save 68%
2015 Del Medical FMTS Radiographic System2015 Del Medical FMTS Radiographic System
Save 72%
GE Innova 4100 Cardiovascular Lab Cath LabGeneral Electric Innova 4100 Cath Lab
Save 36%
Philips iU22 Ultrasound MachinePhilips iU22 Ultrasound Machine
Save 68%
Quantum QG50 Floor Mounted X-Ray SystemQuantum QG50 Floor Mounted X-Ray System
Save 75%
Lone Oak Technologies Accudxa2 Model 7200 BMDAccu dxa2 SXR-80-14-0.2T Model 7200 BMD


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