When you have a Question?  We have an Answer.

When choosing an supplier for replacement medical parts, we know that you have some questions to consider:

  • The knowledge, reputation, and experience of your supplier
  • The type of products and lead times
  • Quality Control and Product Failures
  • Reliable customer service and tech support

We know because we ask the very same questions of ourselves each and every day. That is why Shop Med Parts has become the leader in choosing the highest quality of suppliers for our replacement x-ray components for the medical market.

Consider these benefits:

  • Shop Med Parts has on staff over 100 years of combined experience with x-ray products.
  • Shop Med Parts can offer affordable products either New or Certified Tested, for even more cost saving benefits.
  • Shop Med Parts utilizes exceptional quality control measures in every phase of the operating process. Our quality system even complies with the FDA 21 CFR 820 standards required by the FDA.
  • Shop Med Parts consistently provides world class tech support and excellent consumer warranty on all the products we provide.
  • Shop Med Parts is committed to your satisfaction.

Through our network of "Certified" Suppliers, Shop Med Parts can offer you the best product for the most affordable price. This allows us to bring product directly to you at the ease of your fingertips.