ADMC DETECTOR MODULE P29F CPL (08428299/8428299/08428042/8428042) SIEMENS

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ADMC Detector Module P29F CPL 
Product #08428299/8428299/08428042/8428042
Product Description
ADMC Detector Module P29F W Cable : For CT
Condition: Certified Tested

Functional Condition:

  • This item set was pulled from a working environment and thoroughly tested/inspected at our facility on an active working system and found to be fully functional.
  • #1465
  • INVT-0001172, INVT-0001173, INVT-0001174, INVT-0001175, INVT-0001176, INVT-0001177, INVT-0001178, INVT-0001180 - INVT-0001256

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