AGFA 14x17in (35x43cm) CR Cassettes and Plates for CR30x

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AGFA 14x17in (35x43cm) CR Cassettes and Plates for CR30x



No change in exposure routine
The CR MD4.0T General Cassette is compatible with existing X-ray tables. The exposure equipment and routines do not have to be modified when switching from conventional to digital imaging. The CR MD4.0T General Cassette contains a tray with the photostimulable phosphor imaging plate.

Embedded memory
An embedded memory chip in the cassette tray stores the data entered during identification. The identification is performed by no-touch radiofrequency tagging via a builtin antenna card in the cassette tray. The identification data and the image are thus joined from the beginning and are permanently linked as they pass through the electronic processing system.

User friendly
The CR MD4.0T General Cassette is lightweight and very comfortable to use. It is made of synthetic material and it is warm and pleasant to the touch, minimizing patient discomfort. Designed to last The synthetic material of the CR MD4.0T General Cassette has a special ribbed structure that provides maximum rigidity. The corners are rubber protected against accidental dropping.

Easy labeling
With our CR MD4.0T General Cassette, no special pen is necessary for marking the cassette label. When using a nonpermanent marker, only a cloth is necessary to erase the label. Marks made by a permanent marker can be easily removed by a cloth dampened with alcohol or CR screen cleaner. In either case, the cassette is ready for new labeling quickly and without effort.

Antistatic inner lining
The inner lining of the CR MD4.0T General Cassette body is made of felt. This ensures a high degree of protection against electrostatic charging, dust collection and mechanical damage on the CR imaging plates.

A unique service
CR MD4.0T General Cassettes and imaging plates can be ordered as pre-staged sets. The CR MD4.0T General Cassettes are in this case loaded with the corresponding cassette trays with imaging plates and initialized in the factory. Using this unique service results in savings in installation and start-up time on site.

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